Weekend Reading | 2.22.2019

Karl Lagerfeld by Stan Honda/AFP

Hello friends!

Thank you to those of you who have commented or messaged me in support of my return to the blog. It means a lot because I’m still often on the fence about whether it’s worth the time I put into it. And it’s a LOT of time, believe me…even for what looks like a simple post.

Now I remember why I abandoned it for so long — any blog you read these days that’s really great is a full-time endeavor. I’m not kidding! The blogs that survive and thrive are the ones that have a full-time person (or team) behind them. Over here at G&G, it’s just little ol’ me, in the hours I’m not working or wife-ing or working out. So when you comment here, especially, it really is a thumbs-up that lets me know I’m doing something you enjoy. 🙂

Here are this weekend’s suggested reads…

Everyone is lamenting Kaiser Karl, except me. I give the man credit for his sartorial contributions, but at the end of the day, he was an elitist, pompous you-know-what — talented, but not nice. Just because you think something doesn’t mean you should say it, especially when you have an audience of millions…

Birkenstock x Valentino is dropping soon. Birkies have come a long way, baby. Do you wear Birks? Still love mine after so many years of loathing them. My post, Tips for Buying and Wearing Birkenstocks, ended up being one of my most popular, with 364,000+ page views, and hundreds of comments. Who knew?!


I was so restless this week. Perhaps this is why I should have taken some melatonin: More Tired Than Usual? This Is How A Full Moon Can Affect Your Sleep

I loved the way the fabulously irreverent Annika von Holdt thumbed her nose at the whole “old Celine” phenomenon…

“I expected sunshine today, but it turned out grey. Here I am to match the colours of Mordor in my oldest outfit, including the glasses (#oldrayban). I see people hashtagging #oldceline like their life depended on it. I guess old is a trend now, and I know a bandwagon when I see one. The biker jacket (#oldrickowens) is running on its 10th year. But I still love it and wear it often. I found the draped t-shirt (#veryoldrickowens) in the basement the other day. I have no idea why I put it there. It’s as good as old. I gave the pants (#oldisabelmarant) to the 15-year old when he was 12 because they were too big and he liked the loose fit. And I got them back today. I think it’s safe to conclude that my arse (#oldarse) got bigger. 😱 Off to the gym, I go.#notoldceline

Since we’ve definitely worn hygge the hell out…Lykke Is the New Hygge and It’s All We’ve Ever Needed. (What makes you happy?)

Why do we spend so much at Trader Joe’s? Maybe this is why I love TJs so much?

I am never without my Fitbit Versa. But every day I’m on the fence about getting an AppleWatch…until I remember the battery life and lack of sleep tracking. One day. Yet this is food for thought, especially if you have a history of disease in your family, or an issue-prone family member: Can smartwatches save lives? Some users say ‘yes’.

Do you wear a smartwatch? If so, which one? Let me know in the comments, as well as how it has impacted your life.

Header photo of Karl Lagerfeld by Stan Honda/AFP via Scroll.in.
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4 responses to “Weekend Reading | 2.22.2019”

    • Hi Erica, thank you! I guess there are a LOT of us Fitbit folks who are watching and waiting to see if future versions of the Apple Watch will compete with Fitbit on these points. But also…I love the Fitbit dashboard so much better than the Apple rings. I actually bought and returned an Apple Watch Version 2…just couldn’t adapt, and it was counting steps while I sat at a table eating breakfast with my husband. I know Apple can do better. But when?


  1. I’m glad to you’re back too! Ditto re: apple watch. Would I really use it? Interested in the sleep feature but would I get used to sleeping in it? Can’t decide if I like the way it looks. I do like the metal mesh band though. FYI my dad has a heart condition and his doctor recommended it for the advanced heart monitoring that is automatically sent to him. Looking forward to more posts 🙂


    • Hi Paula, thanks for your comment! I think you could easily get used to sleeping in an Apple Watch or Fitbit. I have worn a Fitbit nearly 24 hours a day for three years now, and sometimes I feel like I need to loosen the band over night, but rarely. I recently switched to a soft silicone band like the ones originated by Apple, and they are really comfy. I love the mesh too, but I imagine it would not be great round the clock. I know I wouldn’t want to workout in the mesh…I get way too sweaty!

      As far as your dad…it’s a wise move to invest. I think you might be able to get HSA reimbursement too, if you have one. I actually convinced my dad to wear my old Fitbit Charge 2, just so I could monitor his sleep and heart rate patterns, since he has some issues. If it’s a doctor rec, it really is worth considering. Also, since the new ones have fall detection as well, they really are worth the investment, if you can get your dad to charge on a consistent basis. Keep me posted.


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