Weekend Reading | 3.1.2019

Hey, y’all, happy March! Little bit of this and that for this week’s roundup. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

I can’t wait to see A Star is Born – Encore this weekend with my mom. We saw the original movie together when it was released in October last year, so we’re excited to see the extended version. This version, which is only in theaters for one week starting today, includes 12 more minutes of footage and new music, plus an extended version of Black Eyes, which is one of my faves on the soundtrack.

warner brothers/youtube

And hey, in case you missed it, I posted this a couple days ago: What Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Can Teach Us About Love and Friendship

Last weekend I made Zoe’s Flan and it was not only totally easy to make, it was absolutely divine. Mind you, I’m a cooker, not a baker. Seriously — my motto is if it requires a mixer, I’m out. So for me to attempt a flan, with success, is saying something! Be sure to watch her Flan Instagram story on how to make the caramel if you decide to tackle this recipe.

Just in case you haven’t heard (yeah, right) Shopbop’s spring sale is on through tomorrow.

For the career-minded ladies, there are some excellent tips in this one: 4 Things Successful Women Do in Every Meeting

Are you a dog mom or dad? If so, please take note: I saw this on Instagram, but it was also in People: Terminally Ill Girl with Rare Brain Tumor Wants Love Letters From Dogs for Comfort.

Terminally ill seven-year-old Emma wants comfort in the form of letters from dogs. If you’re a dog parent, will you take the time to write and send her a letter from your dog? Snail mail or emails with photo/video are super.

Here’s her contact info:

PO Box 230
Hartland, WI 53029


Don’t Know Your Design Style? These Are the 5 Most Popular. What is yours? I think mine is transitional/eclectic? Depends on the room?!

I read Verity this week, and it wasn’t bad.

Would you use a shampoo bar instead of liquid shampoo? This article on shampoo bars (like soap) has me pondering the switch, especially since bars require no plastics, and they are inherently methylisothiazolinone-free. That in itself is a win. Wonder if they will come up with a purple one for the grey and blonde-haired folks?

My husband and I recently started watching Ray Donovan and I’m obsessed. I know, I know…there are already six seasons out. But it’s new to me, and it’s awesome to have something to watch until some of my other faves return — and who knew Liev was so sex-ay? If you’re looking for something new and haven’t yet discovered Ray…you’re welcome. 😉

Header image of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper by Peter Lindberg, via Showtime.
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