Non-Alcoholic Wines That Don’t Suck

It’s been five months since I’ve had an alcoholic drink. FIVE MONTHS, people! I kind of can’t believe it, and yet thinking about drinking has (finally) taken a backseat in my mind. Unfortunately, my silent reflux is not really improving by leaps and bounds, so I continue to try to eat and live as alkaline as possible. Alcohol just cannot be part of that equation.

Photo by andres chaparro from Pexels

Since I’ve had to abstain from alcohol, I have missed it, craved it, and lamented its absence. A lot in the beginning, especially — not gonna lie. But now that the “habit” of drinking in the evening and on weekends has subsided, I still like to occasionally pretend like I’m kicking back with a glass of wine on a Friday night. And that has fueled my pursuit of palatable, non-alcoholic beverages that look and taste like alcoholic ones.

While my primary reason for giving up alcohol is mainly due to reflux, there are myriad reasons why people might be interested in finding a good alcohol-free wine. For some, it’s prescription medications that can’t be mixed with alcohol; then there are the pregnant ladies; there are those who want to sip on something socially without worrying about how they’ll get home later; still others who need to avoid intoxication and hangovers due to career obligations or to maintain optimum health.

Benefits of alcohol-free wine

  • It’s cheap. Most bottles are $8 – $14.
  • Fewer calories than real wine.
  • No hangovers! Better sleep!
  • Two glasses is enough.
  • No explanation required at social gatherings…no one is the wiser.

Whatever your reasons for not imbibing, if you were someone who once did, and enjoyed it, this post is for you.

I’ve tried a few non-alcoholic wines at this point. Some were meh, some like drinking apple juice — but in between the failures I discovered a few that sort of hit the spot. And here they are…

St. Regis Non-Alcoholic Shiraz Rosé

Not too sweet with the tiniest hint of bubbles. This one is my go-to for flavor, price, and convenience. Even better with a couple ice cubes thrown in. Perfect for the coming spring and summer months.

Available at Total Wine for $7.99

60 calories/250ml (compared to 110 calories for an alcoholic version)

St. Regis Non-Alcoholic Brut

A teeny bit on the sweet side, but not in a bad way. I promise you’ll think you’re actually drinking the real thing. Also ideal for alcohol-free Mimosas. Pop, fizz, clink!

Available at Total Wine for $10.99

100 calories/250ml (compared to 190 calories for an alcoholic version)

Vintense Brut Rosé

This bubbly brut rosé has “hints of ripe red currants, and fresh juicy strawberries…and an aftertaste leaves you wanting more.” And it does. It is delightful, and the only reason it’s not my number one non-alcoholic wine is the expense and inconvenience involved in obtaining it from Canada.

Available via Hill Street Beverage Co. for $13.99

35 calories/150ml (5 oz.)

Ariel Cabernet

If you’re a red lover, this oak-aged Cabernet is a stand-in, with a mouth feel that is similar to a hearty red. It probably wouldn’t fool anyone in a blind taste test, but it’s still palatable enough.

Available at Total Wine for $8.99

37 calories/ 4 oz. (compared to 100 calories for alcoholic version)

Have you tried any of these? Planning to? Let me know what you think in the comments if you do. Cheers!

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