Weekend Reading | 3.9.2019

For those in Daylight Savings time zones, it’s time to spring forward on Sunday! ☀️

How Worried Do You Need to Be About Asbestos in Baby Powder and Other Talc Products? Talc…another reason why I stopped using dry shampoo (it ruins your hair) and reach for cornstarch instead. Works great! There are loads of DIY dry shampoo recipes out there.

If you are a regular exerciser (you should be!), you know that sometimes you just don’t feel up to doing it. There are times when you actually should not force yourself to work out, based on your heart rate variability (HRV). I know from my Fitbit stats that when my HRV goes up more than a couple points (or is steadily rising over days), I’m either getting sick, or its that time of the month — and in both instances, a relaxing walk (or no exercise) is what my body needs. Not a grueling sweat sash at the gym. Chances are you/I don’t feel like working out anyway. Listen to your body!

I’ve made this beef stew recipe for my husband three times now, and he loves it.

I adapted it slightly:

  • No mushrooms (he hates them).
  • Double the carrots and broth. You can also use a mixture of half beef broth, half chicken broth…it does not affect the flavor.
  • Skip steps 12-13 and bake in a dutch oven at 350 degrees for three hours. I use my Le Creuset round dutch oven and it is superb. So worth the investment, and so very versatile!
  • Step 14 is key…you might need more salt and a dash more of Worcestershire sauce.
  • In the last 15 minutes or so, add egg noodles straight to the pot. Be sure there is enough liquid to completely cover the noodles. If you need more liquid, add more broth. Cover and put back in the oven, and you will have a hearty and delicious one-pot beef stew.

Trader Joe’s is Eliminating a Million Pounds of Plastic From Its Stores. Yay!

Speaking of TJs, I recently tried the Trader Joe’s Creamy Polenta with Spinach & Carrots for the first time and it was sooooo good, just on its own. But I can totally see pairing it with pan seared shrimp or fried eggs. And it has no bad fats. Win-win-win!

Glad I’m not the only one who thinks owning 13+ Birkins is grotesquely OTT. Imagine how much more joy $200K could bring to an animal rescue, orphaned children, women escaping abuse and starting over, etc. Wouldn’t it be great if KK at least matched the cost of each Birkin purchase with a donation to a different charity for the same amount? How many bags does one person need?

One woman tried the 23 Years Old Cocoon Willow Silky Mask and got five compliments in 45 minutes. I think I need this in my beauty arsenal!

Do You Have a Not-So-Stranger? I definitely do…peeps at the local Starbucks, gym regulars. I actually had a not-so-stranger I’d see at the gym and at Trader Joes so often (even at random times), that we both noticed and eventually introduced ourselves. Now we say hi and hug and catch up when we see each other, or if it’s been a while, wonder why we haven’t seen each other recently. As soon as I think about him…Sonny…he shows up. You know what they say: where attention goes, energy flows.

Have a wonderful weekend, y’all! 😃

Header image photo by Banter Snaps on Unsplash.
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